Feathers and Foes: A Bird's of Prey Podcast

Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey podcast dedicated to the DC comic book, Birds of Prey. We will go on the journey of reading and analyzing the book from its first start in 1996 all the way till the last issue. Hopefully, the book will come back.
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Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey Podcast, where we will celebrate and discuss the adventures of Oracle and the Black Canary.  We hope you will join us on this epic journey.

Jan 29, 2016

The Birds are on the chase for Braun, a jerk who wronged Catwoman, Huntress, and the Black Canary...perhaps in that order.  The Black Canary gets separated from Huntress and Catwoman, which makes things tough for Oracle, who is back in Gotham.  Join Ashford and Ligia as they discussed this romp of an adventure.  DC Comics presents: Birds of Prey.

Jan 22, 2016

Ligia and Ashford discuss the latest adventure with the Black Canary and Oracle.  Ashford is trying to hold his squee under wraps, for this is the first appearance of the Huntress!  No worries.  The Huntress will be in the Spotlight Segment of the show.


Where Revenge Delights is a whimsical tale, yet riddled with Bullets.  And if you haven't read the story before today, either go get the book, or listen to our take on this story.  There is a surprised guest at the end that will make you go Meow!

DC Comics gave us a romp with this Birds of Prey story.


Jan 15, 2016

Ligia and Ashford cover the DC Comic book, Birds of Prey: Birds of a Feather, written by Jordan B. Gorfinkel.  This is the pairings second episode, so we will see if they have created some type of chemistry resembling any type of sanity.  Lois Lane, who makes a cameo, is our spotlight feature this episode.  


Jan 9, 2016

Welcome to the first episode of Feather's and Foes, a Birds of Prey Podcast, hosted by Ashford and Ligia.  The pair are going all the way back to the first time these two characters, Black Canary and Oracle, were paired together to take on injustice.  The first story is called "One Man's Hell", which is a story where Oracle hires a down and out Black Canary to investigate a terrorist organization called the Green Brother Hood, who has been blowing up sites where they believe new technology will have a horrible affect on the environment.  Will the Birds be able to stop these terrorists? Tune in and see.

We are also doing a spotlight segment on the artist, Gary Frank, who did the pencils for this issue.  An artist that has work with both DC Comics and Marvel.

Join us, as we celebrate the first Birds of Prey Podcast!