Feathers and Foes: A Bird's of Prey Podcast

Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey podcast dedicated to the DC comic book, Birds of Prey. We will go on the journey of reading and analyzing the book from its first start in 1996 all the way till the last issue. Hopefully, the book will come back.
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Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey Podcast, where we will celebrate and discuss the adventures of Oracle and the Black Canary.  We hope you will join us on this epic journey.

Mar 25, 2016

Welcome to Feathers and Foes: A Birds of Prey Podcast!  In this episode of Feathers and Foes, Ashford, Ligia, and Mark are cover the 3rd issue of the first volume of Birds of Prey entitled: Hounded.  Yes, this story was written by Chuck Dixon.  The artwork was done by Greg Land and Drew Geraci.  Join Feathers and Foes as they discuss this stunning three part conclusion.  And don't forget to join us on the segment where, Mark and Ashford cover the WB 2002 television show Birds of Prey.  The title of this one is called 3 Birds and a Baby.  We kid you not.  

Mar 18, 2016

Ashford and Mark discuss the thrilling adventure of Birds of Prey #2: One of Those Days.  Black Canary is up to her earrings when the ultra-Thug, Jackie Pajamas holds her captive.  How will she ever get out of this one?  In addition to this, Ashford and Mark cover the WB Network's CW show, Birds of Prey.  Join the fun as these two are going through the series, episode by episode.  


Mar 11, 2016

Welcome to the 10th episode of Feathers and Foes. Can you believe it!  10 episodes.  And this episode is a doozy.  Perhaps it is not a doozy.  To be honest, I don't even know what would constitute a doozy.

In this episode, we are covering issue 1 proper of Birds of Prey.  The story is called Long Time Gone written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Greg Land, and inked by Drew Geraci.  Black Canary and Oracle are in top form.  

Please don't forget to listen to our segment about the Birds of Prey television show from the WB television series back in 2002.  



Mar 5, 2016

Ligia and Ashford are back to discuss the Birds of Prey Issue: Batgirl, a story of Batgirl and Black Canary.  What?  You must see how writer Chuck Dixon brings all of this together.  And the rogue's gallery is really in this one, ranging from the Mad Hatter to the Joker.  Released in 1998, the Birds are swinging towards 1999 with a bang!

In addition to this issue Ashford and new Co-Host Mark discuss the pilot episode of the WB Network's show, Birds of Prey from 2002.  Ashford and Mark will discuss this show each issue until the end of its series.  In this episode we get an appearance from Aaron Paul.  No, there is no meth involved, but with some of the meta human abilities of Huntress, perhaps you might feel like you're on that Chrystal.