Feathers and Foes: A Bird's of Prey Podcast

Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey podcast dedicated to the DC comic book, Birds of Prey. We will go on the journey of reading and analyzing the book from its first start in 1996 all the way till the last issue. Hopefully, the book will come back.
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Feathers and Foes is a Birds of Prey Podcast, where we will celebrate and discuss the adventures of Oracle and the Black Canary.  We hope you will join us on this epic journey.

Jul 22, 2016

The Joker's Tale is the second saga for this new direction of the Birds.  You will not want to miss what is cooking in this book.  Guys, we have a Joker story with OUTSTANDING art.  If you don't have this book, get it now.  

Feathers and Foes are also covering the last episode of the television series, Feathers and Foes.


Jul 20, 2016

Feathers and Foes are excited to talk about the new Rebirth Batgirl and the Birds of Prey series written by Shawna Benson and Julie Benson.  Art by Claire Roe.  We usually upload our podcast on Fridays, but we are excited about getting the dialogue going today.  Please join us in the conversation by contacting us on Twitter @feathersandfoes.



Jul 15, 2016

Face Time is like a new season for the Birds of Prey.  Oracle is away from her workstation, meeting up with Bumblebeeb, and Black Canary is getting settled in her new apartment in Gotham.  For an opening story to bring in the new millennium, this story ranges from internet dating, to domestic abuse, to terrorism.  

Feathers and Foes are also talking about the penultimate episode of the WB original series, Birds of Prey.  You don't want to miss the action that will lead to the ultimate finale.  


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Jul 14, 2016

Mark, Ligia, Jordan, and Ashford did a panel about the Birds of Prey: Women and Diversity in comics.  We had a great turn out with an excellent moderator, Laura.  The discussion ranged from diverse representation in comics to gate keeping in fandom.  

We understand that the topic is not only important, but sensitive, and by no means do we feel as if we are giving definitive authority on any of these topics.  Really, the whole point of this panel was to get the conversation going.  

Unfortunately, we were pressed for time.  Some of the Q&A made it to the podcast, but the dialogue continued after the panel as well.  


Jul 8, 2016

This is the final installment of this Fourth World adventure, featuring the Birds with assists from Catwoman and Power Girl.  Will the Black Canary, Catwoman, and the U.S. Marshals be able to get back to Earth?  Who will win the battle between the fury of Lashina and her ribbons vs. Catwoman and the whip?

In addition to all of this, Mark, Ashford, and Laura are discussing the episode Reunion of the Birds of Prey television series.  Remember, you can stream the episodes on CWSeed.  

This is also the last issue of the 20th Century.  And if the tears haven't fallen yet, the art team is changing as well.  It was such a good run, but the new art team looks promising, and Chuck Dixon is handling the script, so we can trust that the Birds are in good hands.  


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Jul 1, 2016

The Birds, through the force of the Boom Tube, are in Apokolips, the 4th World.  Catwoman, Black Canary, and The U.S. Marshalls are trying to survive Darkseid's World.  Issue 13, which came out in November of 1999, is fire.  


In addition, Ashford, Mark, and Laura talk about Gladiatrix, the Birds of Prey television show.  This is a wild one.  Be careful, this segment is Not Suitable For Work.