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The Birds of Prey Podcast

Dec 24, 2017

The Saga Continues with this whole Bruce Wayne being accused of murder, and now he is on the run.  Displaying loyalty, and ensuring that justice is done, Barbara Gordon is still on the case.  She commissions Black Canary to rob a bank in broad daylight, which Black Canary obliges, for she is also displaying loyalty to...

Dec 16, 2017

Julie and Shawna Benson are back with the finale of this 3-Part Story Arc with Roge Antonio on pencils.  The Daughters of Gotham are not playing around with the males in Batgirl's city.  As convincing as the D.O.G. are with their sales pitch, Batgirl and the Extended Birds of Prey are not buying.  

What do you think...

Dec 6, 2017

Birds of Prey 40 is a second tie-end with the Bruce Wayne Murderer saga.  Babs, Dinah, and Stephanie Brown are trying to solve this murky case while helping Stephanie with her personal problems at home.  Even though saving Batman from the legal system and himself is a first priority, the Birds are still about helping...

Nov 27, 2017

Bruce Wayne: Murderer!  Yep, Bruce Wayne is wanted for murder, and the Birds are on the job.  We are covering issue 39, and Laurel, also known as MtnFlwr1 on Twitter is helping us out with the summary of not only Issue 39, but the events leading to the issue.  

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Nov 23, 2017

Sarah, or @helenadinah on Twitter joins Ashford for this Wright On Network presents: The Justice League movie.  Although both podcasters enjoyed the movie to pieces, they are still aware of the flaws and are not afraid to talk about it.

What did you think of the Justice League movie?  Where do you think the DCEU is...